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The In-Commerce List of Food and Drugs Act Substances web page has been updated. This update includes the newest version of the Revised In-Commerce List.

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Transport Canada has made an online version of the 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook available on its website. ERGO 2008 can be downloaded for free at and includes some additional functionality, including language (English, French and Spanish) and metric/imperial unit options.

Your online information source about the ingredients that make the products you enjoy safe, reliable, and effective.

REACH Regulation

REACH Regulation 1907/2006 has been published on the

Official Journal of the EU (Issue L396) on December 30th.

The text can be downloaded in all official EU languages from:

TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory

Environment Canada

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Alberta Gazette

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California Proposition 65

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Drug Precursors Listing

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Canadian Food Inspection Agency

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E2 Environmental Emergency Regulations

Export Control List

CEPA Environmental Registry

CHINA Inventory search engine

CITES Convention International Trade Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

Canadian Laws Website

EWG Cosmetics Database

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Chemical Facility Anti Terrorism Standards (DHS)

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US EPA Substance Registry Service Search Engine

Explosives Precursor Regulations

UN GHS Classification and Labelling of Chemicals

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ICL – In Commerce List Health Canada

US National Library of Medicine Environmental Health and Toxicology Search Engine

Council on Safe Transport of Hazardous Articles

Korean Existing Chemicals Search Engine

Quebec Laws and Regulations

Canadian Lobbyist Regulations

NPRI Substances List

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